Offline sync with nested forms

Hi All,

I have a prototype application with nested form and have 6 users. I am testing the scenario of intermittent / offline data sync scenario. I have a field called product # which is key value having initial value set to UniqueId()

For testing I opened 2 browsers for 2 different users and turned off the wifi. Added a new record using both the browsers. The data for the parent form gets added perfectly. But for the child form, only one data is being stored. But users can see the respective child data when added on the front end.

Ideally, I would like all the data being added for both the user and is also visible for everyone. Any suggestions how to achieve this?

Hope to find an answer for this

I’m afraid your description isn’t clear to me. Perhaps some screenshots demonstrating the problem would help?

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Thanks for getting back Steve. Below is how the parent form looks like. Product number here is the uniqueID.

When clicked on add a level, it opens the nested form as shown below. Here, Product number field is a reference type to the parent form.

I was testing the intermittent/ offline data sync of this scenario for concurrent users. So I opened two sessions using different browsers and turned off the wifi and added some data as shown in the image below:

user 1 offline data:

user 2 offline data:

At the backend after turning wifi back on and syncing the data, parent form shows the correct data but nested form for one user is not added. Check out the screenshots below:

user 1 data (With no child data):

user 2 data (with child data):

Ideally, I would like that child data for user 1 should be added as well. Hope this makes the scenario clear. Hoping for a quick solution :slight_smile:

Your screenshots are from the app views. Did you check the datasource directly (sheet or database) to confirm if they are reflecting the rows are indeed added?

If not, then look to see if there was some error when the missing child row was attempted to be added to the server.

If both child rows are being shown in the datasource, did you try a manual sync to see that resolves the missing row?

If it does, then after connections were re-established, could you have opened the app to soon - i.e. that child row hadn’t been added yet?

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I checked the back end and it reflects the same thing as it is reflected on the UI.

I checked the developers tool for both the browsers and they both show the same network error.

Only one child row is being shown in the data source which is same as what front end is showing. I manually synced the data as well by clicking the sync button but same result.

I never close the session as I am trying the intermittent connection so even after that I leave the session opened but do not see the child data updated. Is there a time gap I need to be aware of? So far I guess I waited for approx 2-3 minutes

Hey Guys! Thanks a lot for the help i was able to diagnose the issue. My child form had a serial number as sequential keys which i guess is not supported. Once I removed that it started working fine based on my testing. I know it is not supported but if possible it would be nice to have for user to add sequential keys. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot again :slight_smile: