Hi community…
I have two prototype apps with 10 users. Some users couldn’t use app in offline mode, they got error. So they need internet connection to sync the apps. Please how can I solve this issue, although I activate Offline/Sync.
Thank you in advance…

This error

With the offline mode, one important pre-condition for all offline access is that the app must initially be launched on the device when it is online. Please refer to below pages:


Thank you leventk.
Do you mean launch the app when the device be online before each using for the app offline?
My team use the apps in field survey.

When your users initially launch the app on their devices, the mobile device shall be online (should have an active internet connection). After the app is fully synced and opened, they can continue to use it and save data even they’re offline.

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When the app is first installed, it does not have any data. The first time the app is open after installation, the app will attempt to gather the data using the internet. If the internet is not available that first time, the app will never get the data needed for basic app operation. Note, too, that the app will need occasional internet access to send data and retrieve updates.


Thank you Steve, that I knew and did. Now anything be done right.

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