Offline use crash while changing to another Appsheet App

(Lucas Casa Do Cerrado) #1

Hi! Apps are crashing (“app failed to start succesfully / contact app creator”) after changing to another Appsheet app while offline (changing = clicking on the home screen icon).

Both apps started online, everything Ok. When mobile is switched to offline, if I stay only on one app, no problem; but if I try to change to the other app, the problem happens. It appears that the other app tries to sign in again…

Please, do you know what is happening? Thank you!

Surprisingly, it happens with two mobile devices - Iphone 5 and Samsung Duo-, but not with an Iphone 6 (see below).

Apps require user sign in
Offline use ON
Sync on start OFF

Mobile devices WITH the problem
Iphone 5 IOS 11.41.1 (the crash screen here exhibits something like “Safari couldn’t start”)
Samsung Duos Android 5.1.1

Mobile device without the problem (everything OK)
Iphone 6 IOS 12.1.4