Ok.. another difficult one I think.. I hav...

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another difficult one I think…

I have a table called Notices (key, Subject, Body) …

There is a form that is built and saved to the notices table, and a WorkFlow that picks it up and sends an email… Always the same email and the same address, the only thing that changes are a name and date field already in teh body of the Notices[Body] column.

So… my question is this.

Can I link to the form in a way that would UPDATE the existing record rather than set a new record each time?

Just thinking that this would save DB space … constantly overwriting the same row rather than adding a new row each time.


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Sure, you can do that. How do you launch the form? If it is a top level

view, there is an option in the view definition to provide the rowkey of an existing row. Or you can use the edit action on the existing row — i.e. view the row and click on it to edit it.

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Im launching the form using LINKTOFORM(“Notices Form”, “Subject”, “some text here”, “Body”, “Some other text here”)

What I would like to be able to do is open the existing DB row and over write the subject and body fields with my own data …

then … resave …

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For Example…

If by adding the key field the record would be updated rather than a new record installed.

LINKTOFORM(“Notices Form”, “_key”, “e4J23AYS”, “Subject”, “some text here”, “Body”, “some other text here”