OK charting question here... I have 5 column...

(R B) #1

OK charting question here…

I have 5 columns Business Name,

Rating A%, Rating B%, Rating C%, Rating D%

How would I get a chart for each business showing the 4 ratings at bar charts?

I’d like to have a dashboard for each business showing the ratings for cleanliness, service, food and price.

I can only seem to be able to make charts that get data from within columns, but not across rows.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

use the RowSeries chart type and select the four Rating columns.

It will show one chart series for each business, all in the same chart. RatingA thru Rating D will be on the X-axis

An alternative is a column series chart with the businesses on the X-axis.

(R B) #3

Thanks for the reply. Is there anyway to just have a chart for the specific business (i.e. one chart per row)? I guess what I am asking is “is it possible to have a chart in detail view?”