Ok, I am stuck AGAIN... :) I have a table th...

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Ok, I am stuck AGAIN… :slight_smile:

I have a table that keeps the maintenance records for a companies HVAC related equipment.

Sometimes the techs when they do a maintenance, will find a recommendation that needs to be fixed on the equipment.

So in my report to the customer I have created a template, that gives them recommendations as needed or defined by technician.

I created a virtual column that pulls information from a Timestamp.

The timestamp records when the technician hits the “Recommendations Needed” button.

This works great and pulls in all the records that have been marked “Recommendations needed=yes”

It time stamps, then I grab that information VIA a MAXROW expression in my virtual column.


The next time a tech goes out to the site, and does a PM, that piece of equipment may not need to have a repair done to it.

But when the expression runs, it will look for the MAXROW and find that on the previous visit, it had been timestamped, and bring that information in again.

What would a better solution be to look for whether that piece of equipment has a repair recommendation on the current visit?

The MAXROW function works great for each visit overall Tasking records, because everytime you go out, you will be updating the each piece of equipment with the tasking that was done on that visit.

With the repair however, you may only be doing a repair once a year, or once every other year.

so the maxrow for this particular situation, does not seem to be best expression to find what I am looking for.

If there was an easy way to say maxrow, within 2 weeks of current visit, that may work.

Because then it would only look within (2) weeks of current visit.

Though I am notorious for making things more difficult than they need to be, so input is greatly appreciated!

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@Aleksi_Alkio Do you have any thoughts Aleksi? Translate

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@Grant_Stead You also Grant? :slight_smile:

You didn’t think you got rid of me that easily did you?

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Incidentally, I do have a timestamp column that generates on each new ticket for a visit. “TicketOpened_TS”

I am thinking I should somehow tell my virtual column to pull records that are >= than Recommendations needed Timestamp column.

That way when they open a new ticket, the recommendations TS will be held in check to the Ticket Opened TS.

Is this a good train of thought?

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How do tell the virtual column to check for that?