ok I give up but the work that paid me I have...

(Cubyl) #1

ok I give up but the work that paid me I have to present the same.I have this problem one of many when I click on the address, instead of opening the map, it goes to another view. so it was not and suddenly out of this bug what do I do?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Cubyl Can you make sure that your “View Map” action is correct? You can try removing it and having the system regenerate it for you, also.

(Cubyl) #3


The action in the slice is set to auto.The ref is right because sometimes it goes on the map But most of the time it goes to the calendar view This bug also existed in 2015

(Tony Fader) #4

@Cubyl If you give me the app name and I can debug it.

(Cubyl) #5


I find the problem on this application AllParty-645023 Now inside my account

(Tony Fader) #6

@Cubyl The root of the issue is that when you select a calendar item (e.g. “7” in your video) it’s calling the Evento Presente. This runs an action on a set of rows. In this case, the action is “View Ref”, which is a navigation action. This means that it’s going to run multiple “View Ref” actions.

It doesn’t really make sense to run a navigation action over a set of rows. We should update AppSheet to not allow this setting in your app definition, because it’s causing some unexpected behavior.

In the mean time, you should change the “Row Selected” action on your calendar to do something else.