Ok, so below is the template START EXPRESSION...

Ok, so below is the template START EXPRESSION and IF EXPRESSIONS, that I am using for my template.

It works, but it is still leaving “DEAD SPACE” because it is running the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ expression, but simply not putting anything there, if there isnt something to put there.

I would like to write a Start Expression, that ONLY pulls in fields with data in them.

INSTEAD of looking for data and inserting blank’s if it does not find anything.


<<Start: [Related Site Equipments [Company]]>>

<<IF( ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]), ””, “Technicians That Performed Repairs For Following Equipment:”)>>

<<IF( ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]), ””, ([recentservicerecord].[Technician#1]))>>
<<IF( ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]), ””, ([recentservicerecord].[Technician#2]))>>
<<IF( ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]), ””, ([recentservicerecord].[Technician#3]))>>
<<IF( ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]), ””, ([recentservicerecord].[Technician#4]))>>

<<IF( ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]), ””, “Technician Resolution & Any Additional Findings During Repair.”)>>

<<IF( ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]), ””, CONCATENATE("Unit Tag#: ", [recentservicerecord].[Unit Tag#]) )>>

<<IF(ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]),””,CONCATENATE(“Unit Summary Notes:”, [recentservicerecord].[ Unit Notes Summary]))>>

<<IF(ISBLANK([recentservicerecord]),””,CONCATENATE(“Technician Recommendations:”, [recentservicerecord].[Technician Recommendations]))>>


[recentservicerecord] = a virtual column with MAXROW reference, so it finds the most current service record.


We don’t really support this ability.

Your approach will work to suppress both the label and the field value when the field is empty.

However, I am not sure how effective the approach will be at altogether eliminating the empty space from the resulting document. Any

HTML elements that remain in the template will be honored.

It is conceivable that if you put most or all of the expressions together with no

elements intervening you can get close. I have never tried that, so I am speculating.

what is


Sorry, I am a HTML Dummy! :slight_smile:

is a Paragraph element. It starts a new paragraph.

Is there an expression, to search records and find ones that are alike?

Here is what I need the expression to do:

I have various pieces of equipment, with various materials per piece of equipment.


Unit #1 has (2) 20x20x2 filters. Unit #2 has (4) 20x25x2 filters. Unit #3 has (4) 20x20x2 filters. -same as unit #1 w/different qnty. Unit #4 has (2) 20x25x2 filters. -same as unit #2 w/different qnty.

I would like to run an expression in the template, or app if easier, to search records for the filter sizes that are the same, and then be able to calculate the TOTAL filter qnty, for each size.

So in essence, having the report return something like this: Filter Sizes: 20x20x2 = (6) 20x25x2 = (6)

What would be the best way to do this? I was trying to figure out how to have the template calculate this, but if I should build a VC that calculates these, that would be fine also.

Thanks, Steven

Are you saying you don’t support the ability to NOT return blank rows in a report?

You can use a Start in Start template. Check the results below.

With child record:

Without the child record:

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