Ok, so How do I do the following?: I want to...

(Steven Jeffery) #1

Ok, so How do I do the following?:

I want to share the app with a customer, but only give him access to his information.

They do have a Unique ID# assinged to each account, so is that in play somehow?

Maybe that is their login to the Slice with their information?

Please advise how to share app, but only give access to their company information.


(Syed Faheemuddin) #2

Create a table named Accounts with columns Email ID and Unique ID

And in information table a column named Unique ID

Try something like

[Unique ID] = Any(Select(Accounts[Unique ID],[Email ID]=USEREMAIL())) in slice

(Steven Jeffery) #3

Thank you Syed,

A little clarification.

I have a table already that houses the information I want to share.

It is called ‘Company Info’.

I have Unique ID# in that table and ‘Customer Email’ column in that table.

Does your solution apply to my exisiting, and if so how again?


(Syed Faheemuddin) #4


Yes Then the formula will be [Unique ID#] = Any(Select(Company Info[Unique ID#],[Customer Email]=USEREMAIL()))

But make sure you also have a column named Unique ID# in your other table which should be filtered