Okay, one more for tonight: I can't, for the ...

(Evan Manrow) #1

Okay, one more for tonight: I can’t, for the life of me, get “Interactive Mode” for a Dashboard to work.

When I select a row in my table view, instead of changing my chart view, it just does… nothing.


  • A chart view connected to a slice, filtered for an individual user’s weigh-ins. - A table view with one row for each user. - A dashboard with each of the above, with “Interactive Mode” enabled.

I also have an extra Table in my Google Sheet based on an example I’ve seen posted here that changes a chart view when the user clicks a button to change an enum. For what it’s worth, that example doesn’t have “Interactive Mode” enabled, anyway; I’ll link it here.

I have tried linking the slice above to that extra, 1-row table, and tried linking it to just to all the weigh-ins instead of a table of users. I have tried using my table of all weigh-ins as the users table instead of the table with each user. I get the same result always: no interactive chart.

Is there an example app that actually uses “Interactive Mode”?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Evan_Manrow I’m not following the exact details of your app, but maybe you could update your slice’s filter condition formula to have the default behavior that you want?

(Grant Stead) #3

The trick is on having your references lined out. You would need a table of users, and then say a table of weigh ins, with the user ref’d…

Then if you have an interview dashboard with a table of users, and the chart view… Then as you select users… The chart skills adjust. Are your takes referenced?

(Evan Manrow) #4

Progress! Okay, so I ref’ed all my other columns to an “Entrants” column with each entrant having one row; it probably should have been that way to begin with.

Now I made an Entrants table view (I was using a derivative “Overview” table before with a bunch of virtual columns), and set up my dashboard with views:

Entrants Table View Chart

If I use a slice for the chart, clicking anyone but the default slice filter shows ‘no data available’ on the chart.

If I use the entire weights dataset, clicking anyone does change the chart to show just their weights. However, the default chart (before I click anyone) is a hot mess of all the weights mixed in together. Is there anyway to default that to the first (or any) person on the list?

(Grant Stead) #5

Not that I know of… Maybe someone else knows @Sarah_Gould_AppSheet

(Evan Manrow) #6

Yeah sorry @tony, I know it’s kind of a mess because I keep working on it lol. I’m not even using the slice in the dashboard now- just all of the weigh-in data. It seems like you can either use the slice with a quick-update detail view and a placeholder spreadsheet/table, or you can use interactive mode on a dashboard, but not both.

Interactive mode it far an away better, because it doesn’t require a sync every time someone changes the chart they’re looking at. But you are right that I was able to set the default behavior when I was using the “slice based on user input” a la the linked example from my original comment, because I could just set the cell of the placeholder table to have a default value.