Old bad credentials (old user name which was changed to new one with new user account, but still appears the old original name of the old original account :-( )

when mobile install link is used on the PC (Win Chrome)


Hi Radim,

When you sign in to AppSheet, double check that you are using the correct authentication option (e.g Microsoft, Google, etc) and the correct email address with that authentication option.

For example, if you sign in with Microsoft and later sign in with Google, you will now have two AppSheet accounts. One connected to your Microsoft sign in information and another connected to your Google sign in information.

Similarly, if you sign in with Google under one email address and later sign in with Google under another email address, you will have two AppSheet accounts. One connected to each of your Google email addresses.

You can check what email address and what authentication option you signed in with by clicking on “My Account” at the top of the screen.

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Hi Derek, Yes i have 2 google account (public and premium), but i transfered application from old to new one, but the OLD name from the OLD account is still appearing :-(((

Than you for your helping

I can look into this for you. Two questions to make sure I’m looking at the right thing.

  1. When you say the “old name” you are referring to “Radim Sochor” in the email?

  2. Have you updated the name in your Google profile for the new account?

Yes, old name = Radim Sochor for account sochor@optimcare.cz, new name is Administrátor OptimCare for account sochor.optimcare@gmail.com

If you make a copy of the app in the new account (Manage > Author > Copy App) and share it with a new user, it should only display the name associated with the new account.

But dont :frowning: You can easily verify both my accounts and the app name