Old bug encountered AGAIN: Column type changed by editor / Editing interface issues

This is an old issue that I really wish AppSheet would address:

Recently, I’ve been bothered by a DateTime virtual column that keeps getting changed to a ChangeTimestamp column type:

There is no conceivable situation in which this would help a user because ChangeTimestamp columns have to be “real,” don’t they? I can understand the AppSheet interface automatically assigning a column type when one has not been assigned yet by the app developer but why must the interface keep changing column types just because the app developer tweaked an expression?

One more thing: We don’t have an “Editing interface” or “App editor” tag that we can choose when we post to this forum. I hope that AppSheet considers the editing interface to be a key component of the AppSheet platform and therefore will provide us with a tag to help users and AppSheet personnel discuss the interface. Thanks!


Here’s some info I just learned:

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