Old data recaptured in data sheet between new data

Dear community,

I am facing an issue where old data is getting recaptured in my data sheet (Google Sheets).

The row that is marked red triggered workflows (being only triggered by add row) to send out emails.

The column “createdDate” is set by an action after clicking on save (adding the row). The initial value for the column “email_address” is USEREMAIL(). It is not possible for the user to actively resend/ recapture old entries nor to manipulate the column “createdDate”.

Anyone any idea what could possibly cause this or is facing the same issue?

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps the date on the user’s device is set incorrectly?

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I don’t think this is the case @Steve. If I preview the app as Sebastian and look at his history (Slice USEREMAIL() = email_address) I can see that he had an entry for the day where the error occured and an old entry from 04th April, which was triggered as well:
Same thing with other users in my screenshot like Marlen and Robert.