Omit rows with blank cells from primary view

This may seem like a simple question but I’m new to App Sheet. I’ve created a google sheet to keep track of inventory and I only have about 150 rows at the moment. In the UX Primary View for the table, I’m grouping by item name (ascending) so at the top of my list, it shows the blank rows and I only see my inventory when I scroll WAY down to the bottom. I tried to remedy this by linking the Primary View to a slicer I created instead of the whole table. I set the row filter condition using the =ISNOTBLANK(item name) but I still see thousands of blank rows in the Primary view. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Jeff_Davis
What happens if you delete all the blank rows?

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There are several columns where I have vlookups/formulas copied to the bottom of the sheet. If I delete all of the blank rows and use AppSheet to insert a new row every time I add a line of inventory, the formulas will not copy to the newly inserted row, correct?

We dont recommend the spreadsheet formula, but do those calculation by appsheet expression.

But to answer your question, dont worry to remove those rows (blank/empty) at the bottom. Appsheet is remembering the spreadsheet formula. Once the new row is added, then they run the spreadsheet calcuation as you defined the column.