On a device - have app icon show count. Possible?

Is it possible for the app icon, on a device, to show a count from within the app like messages, phone and email apps do?

I believe that white label apps can do this but am not 100% sure. I have not been able to get a number of notifications to appear on any of my app icons.

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Thanks Austin. That would certainly be a nice feature to have.

I imagine White Labeled apps would be able to, but it also may depend on the iOS/Android version. And furthermore, for Android, it also depends on the phone’s default app launcher as some may not support the feature. Not only do different manufacturers of Android often create their own launchers, users can install any other number of launchers if they choose.

I’m betting the reason why non-white labeled apps can’t do it, is because the notification belongs to AppSheet master app, and your icon is just a shortcut to something specific inside of that app.


Thanks Dave. Good info, though disappointing.