On-boarding - change the record order

Is it possible to change the order the records are presented to an on-boarding view? At the moment the data is presented in the order in which the records were created. I have tried using a slice, but this didn’t work. I noticed a feature request for sorting slice data.

I am using the on-boarding view to provide a user guide. Each record in the table, which provides the instructions, has a sequence number. Ideally, being able to amend the sequence would amend the on-boarding ‘page’ order.

Nope; the pages are presented strictly in row order.

I wish. I re-order in my data source to get it the way I want the records to appear. I use Onboarding views for the initial pass through in my in app help system.

Hi @Lucinda_Mason I can see how that would work if the datasource was a spreadsheet. Little harder if it is a database table, unless I create a view of the table that sorts the records that way. :neutral_face:

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Hi @Steve thank you for letting me know.

Perhaps add it as a feature request, although it would be solved by the feature request to be able to sort a slice view of the table, which already exists as a feature request. :thinking: