On my iPad I’ve been signed out of AppSheet, ...

(simon bailey) #1

On my iPad I’ve been signed out of AppSheet, but the only option it gives to sign in is google. I need to sign in with Dropbox. How do I do this?

(Michael) #2

I would start by checking the ‘Authentication Provider’ setting within the app editor.

Go to Security > Require sign-In There you will see a drop down to select your chosen provider. I assume it is currently set to Google.

(simon bailey) #3

@Michael do you mean on the app I’m trying to open? I think that’ll be set to either Dropbox, or any, As I’ve opened them before on the same iPad signed in on Dropbox, but I’ll check. Thanks for the suggestion.

(Michael) #4

@simon_bailey1 I mean within the app editor via AppSheet.

I’ve had at least one experience where the setting had changed somehow.

Changing it to ‘Any provider’ resolved my issue.

(simon bailey) #5

@Michael thank Michael. It had changed to Google. Changed to any now. I wish that was default as I always forget to change it at work and have to go back upstairs when they can’t log in :slight_smile:

(Michael) #6

@simon_bailey1 I think this setting has changed in a few of my apps but, it hasn’t happened too often. I have also had it where it was set to the correct provider but still would not allow the users access. Changing it then changing back resolved the issue then. Just an FYI.

(simon bailey) #7

@Michael thanks

(Michael) #8

@simon_bailey1 Glad I could help