On one of my form views, it makes me save two new entries before navigating away

Hey, I’m encountering what seems to be a bug. It’s pretty much what the title says: I have a form view that adds to a table, and when after a new entry is added it should navigate back to the home screen. However, it doesn’t do this the first time, only after a second entry is saved. After the first one, it just reloads the form for a new entry.
I’m not sure why this is happening because it actually did work as expected for a while.
It’s not a complicated form - it just has a “finish view” set, and the event action is just “Add”.

Let me know if there’s any more information I could provide about the view that might be useful.


Is the form Auto-reopen set to ON?

or you can just change event action to “auto”.


Also I believe a Form Saved Even Action of “Add” should typically be “Auto” as shown in picture above unless one wants a specific action to take place after form is saved event.

An “Add” event action after form save is likely to create a recursive loop of form opening action. This is so because after every form save , an “add” action will open a new form.


This solved it, thanks. Didn’t realise ‘add’ behaved like that.