On save form action - generates for app creator but not user

Hello, we have a key action that runs on the On Save behavior of a form. It runs perfectly for me but doesn’t run for the client. We’re both on the same “role” as defined in the app.

Why would this be?

Are there any other security filters on the data being changed? What is the On Save behavior? What are the details of anything this behavior changes?

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Thanks Dave, here’s the action added to the On Save behavior of the form : All actions post data from the job_assign_header table to the job_assignments table. Below is the table security for job_assignments.

Welp, we’re going to have to keep drilling to find the source problem. What are the details of each of these actions? Also, have you checked the audit log? Is it showing any errors?

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You’ll need to scrutinize the Only if this condition is true expressions for the grouped action and every action performed from it.

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Yes each individual action has an Only if condition inserted when needed. For me, it runs as I designed but doesn’t run at all for the client - no errors, nothing in the audit trail.