On Save Form action not firing

Hey everyone! So I’m having some issues with a series of On Save Form actions… Was wondering if you had any thoughts?

Here’s my setup:

-I have a table of bands, and a table for user logs.

-I’ve setup an action in the bands table which resets a few columns to blank

-I’ve setup an action in the user logs table which fires the bands table action.

In my dash when when I select the “Resolve action” in the detail view of a band, the user is taken to the user logs form asking the result of the interaction.

If the user selects “Reset data” under the [Result] column in the above form then upon save the app is supposed to fire the aforementioned User logs action, which then fires the clear data action in the bands table.

There are other [Result] options which do other things, which is why it’s setup this way.

But my issue is that upon save, the actions don’t appear to be firing?


The user logs action is listing all rows where the column [BID] is equal to the [ID] Column of the bands table using : FILTER(Bands,[ID]=[_THISROW].[BID])

And The condition is [Result]=“Reset Data”

That should fire the action at the referenced band in the bands table correct?

Am I missing something? Thanks everyone for your time, and help over the past few months!

Please provide screenshots of: 1) the configuration of the form with the Form Saved action; and 2) each action potentially fired as part of the Form Saved action.

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Button to Form Config:


Form Config:

On Save action Config:


Clear data - Group Action Config:


@Steve I removed the [Result]=“Resolved” condition on the onsave action config, just to debug the action.

Also the Group data reset action is made of three other actions all of which are configured correctly, and worked 100% before I switched to wanting to just reference the action from the User Log (This is an attempt to add more complex conditional logic to our tracking instead of just clearing the data)

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Nothing in your screenshots gives me any concern. How about screenshots of the actions invoked by Resolve - Grouped - Clear Data?

Invoked Action 1:


Invoked Action 2:


Invoked Action 3:


@Steve Here’s some screen shots of those three invoked actions!

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I’ve had problems similar to yours when a Data: set the values of some columns in this row action attempts to set a single column value to its current value (e.g., set a column that is already blank to blank). The work-around I use is to use Only if this condition is true to verify the current value is not the new value.


Well thing is, The row and column are filled in. I’m using a test scenario, so the data is populated with the Timestamp, marked as “Contacted” in the [Outreach Tracking] column, and User email is filled in the right column all in the band table.

Also I was using the Only if this condition is true. I set it to true to lessen the complexity for debugging. I’ve tried so many things.
Just can’t get the action to fire to clear the data… What could I do to solve this? I’m not quite sure I understand the issue of what’s going on… I’m pullin’ my hair over it haha. I feel like I’ve meticulously made sure everything’s correct… is it possible this could be a bug?

Thanks again @Steve for all your help!

Hey! Something that just occurred to me; My Bands Table has an ID column but it is not the key.

The reason for this is there are no duplicate bands, and our note/ task table builds titles from the names… WHICH HAVE TO BE THE KEY OF THE REFERENCED TABLE

The Actions all reference the Band ID… NOT THE BAND NAME… Which is the the Table Key… :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if this is the issue, but I’m gonna try it… I have a strong feeling that is the issue as I’ve seen this behavior before with the aforementioned notes & tasks tables and getting that to work.

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I believe this is called an “ah-ha moment”. :slight_smile:

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Question: If I know that no bands or venues names will have duplicate entries do you feel it would be safe to use them as the key column?


I really appreciate your help @Steve!!!

The reason I recommend against that approach is the mess created if a band changes its name. You can’t modify a key value, so once a band is given a name, that name is set in stone unless you want to edit the spreadsheet directly and change the name everywhere it’s used as a Ref value.


Well Luckily for my case bands RARLEY change their name. Though that does happen… Would that not be compensated for by setting tables referencing the bands to be owned by the band data record (ex. if band is deleted from records, all related note’s/tasks are deleted that reference that band) Would this not work as well in regards to updating the record? I wonder if there’s a means to trickle down any changes??

What about venues?

No, IsPartOf only propagates deletions (if the parent is deleted, so will be the children). Changes to the parent are not propagated to the children.

When a band changes it’s name, or a venue changes ownership and re-opens we tend to just view it as a brand new entity. The old data mostly gets delete and more often than not we treat it as though we’ve never worked with them before.

I did get this working for the record, and it exactly as I needed it to. I really appreciate your help Steve! Past couple days the community here has saved me days of pacing and hair pulling. Thank you all.

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@Jojo_Stella could you explain me how you solved the probelm? I am having the same issue with my app

For me it was because my ID column was not the Key columns. My actions were referencing the ID, but the Band Name was the Key column. Once I changed those out it fixed the issue.