On submit convert data into pdf and attach to the email notification

Hi all,

I am new hear so please don’t judge if I am asking to much of you guys please

So i have been tasked with making a vehicle incident app for our deliver units what care carried by our drivers,

The idea behind this is when there is a accident on the road involving one of our van’s the driver would the details in on the app, The notify rule then sends an email to the insurance claims department at my office and also sends a copy to the 3rd party involved in the road side accident if applicable i have made the app its fairly simple but works and does the job i need it to… however i need help Is there a way that i can make the app once the data field has been submitted it turns this into a pdf and attaches it into the notify workflow and sends a pdf to all respective parties rather than just a email body

Any help would be much appreciated

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