On table, deck view, to show image in full screen mode 'On click" event

On the detail view where we have image type column, we see the image in full screen mode simply hitting image to enlarge.
We wish to have same interaction when we hit image on table/deck view. Various user is claiming the size of image on table view (especially) too small to view the contents. Without moving to detail view, we wish to give user to see the image in full screen mode just hitting image area to give more quick insight.
Thank you.


This would be helpful indeed. On Gallery views I would also like this ability. Since all those views have a configurable Event Action of Row Selected, I imagine in my head constructing something like LINKTOIMAGE([Image]) or FULLSCREEN([Image]) to work similar to how LINKTOROW(…) would.


@Ferret I’m curious about your Gallery view use case.
What size do you prefer for your images in Gallery view, and what kind of viewport / devices are your apps using?

Gallery view is inline to a timelog/clockin record, with the images in the gallery view being shown in medium or large size. The images are portrait-orientated screen captures or pictures from mobile devices, with the app being used by mobile devices, also mainly in portrait orientation. 70-80% of the the picture shows in the gallery, then when the gallery record is tapped and the user navigates to the detail view, the picture gets smaller (if set as detail view’s Main Image) and a second tap on that picture is needed to see the image full screen.


So from what I’m hearing:
• The image in the gallery view is not showing enough detail (70-80% of image), regardless of size, esp. because it’s a portrait view: there are useful parts of the image that are cutoff.
• It might be more useful to your app user to see on the first click (tap) the full image, as this might provide detail before they commit to drilling into the detail view

Please let me know this is an incorrect reading.

Spot on. Thank you for your time considering this.

Actual comment from user:
“I click on the picture [in the gallery] and it gets smaller, not bigger. How do I make it bigger?”

Comment was made from a user the first time they used a gallery view after several months of being familiar with other usages of details views and its image behavior.

Clicking the image as the detail view’s main image or clicking the image when its just a column seems to be understood when the entity/record being viewed is not primarily an image. When the image is the primary component of that entity, (like a table with just an image and id column) it seems a bit jarring to the user coming from a click of a gallery record to then see a slightly smaller pic on an otherwise-empty gallery view that they must click on once more to see the image full screen.

Of course, skipping the detail view would not be desired 100% of the time regardless of view its coming from. having some form of event action we can map to the onClick event that will go directly to the full screen picture UI would solve this.

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“I click on the picture [in the gallery] and it gets smaller, not bigger. How do I make it bigger?”

I should mention that the picture on the detail view is bigger, aka takes up more space on the screen, but the picture in gallery view show more of its portrait proportions, in this case making it show areas of the picture that does not initially show in the detail view until it is clicked.

The fact that the picture is ‘physically’ bigger on the detail view but shows less than previously shown in the gallery view has also been a point of confusion with my users. In their mind, they clicked it and it got bigger as desired but actually it didn’t and needs another click.

@Ferret If I understand this correctly, we might want to consider how we handle portrait images, regardless of the view.

If we have a visual card view (perhaps gallery) that honors the full information in the portrait image, it allows users to discern w/o having to drill into the detail view, correct?

Question: What kind of images are these? sounds like there’s a good amount of details contained in the full image.

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If we have a visual card view (perhaps gallery) that honors the full information in the portrait image, it allows users to discern w/o having to drill into the detail view, correct?

That would eliminate the need for the drill-down in order to see all of the image, but will still most likely result in a drill-down in order to zoom or just see full screen. Even how it currently is when an inline view’s “View” button is clicked and a full page gallery is shown, the pictures there are not quite big enough, nor do they honor the full information.

The images are of concrete floors during various stages of polishing, often with the most important scratch patterns being in the bottom 50% of the image, usually always taken in portrait view.

I’ve personally used gallery view to display screenshots of Appsheet UI (from app editor emulator) that I made for collaboration or instructional purposes. In those cases, the header area, bottom menu and first overlay button are not visible until drilled down. Full screen or zoom ability is not as important as honoring the full info is in this case though.


Thanks for these detailed descriptions; very helpful. Sounds like you’re also using gallery view an an inline view too?

Any screenshots are appreciated (if possible of course). We always want to see as many apps in the wild as we can.

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You are welcome, thanks for the amazing platform.

Sounds like you’re also using gallery view an an inline view too?

Correct. In that case, the image is a child to a Notice table that may or may not acquire more child images over time. After 3 or 4 images, I usually always open the inline view full screen and then drilldown as needed. Honoring the full image would eliminate that need for a drilldown (to detail view), but I still prefer the full screen inline view’s method of presenting images over how it is displayed when gallery view is inline to a detail view (prefer 1 column and many rows instead of what is 3 columns and many rows when size is large). Aside from the desire to see bigger pictures, this is mostly because the third image in the gallery inline is only partially shown (with the 4th image being hidden entirely if there is 5 images or more), requiring a horizontal swipe or scroll to see it, then another one to then see the 4th or 5th image image on the next row.

OPINION ALERT: I (99% desktop user) personally think it would feel more fluid to have, when gallery size is large (or XL setting perhaps), one image on top of another (as it currently is in NON-inline gallery views) and a vertical scroll or swipe to view them all instead of a less-fluid horizonal scrolling between vertical scrolling moments. Card view could be well suited for that, but doesn’t exactly behave the same as gallery view does.