On User Profile Change Do

Hey appsheet community,

happy to be part of the team :slight_smile: I want my users to change their “group id” in their user profile. When they have changed it, I want to write the useremail + the group id into a “groups” table or update the entry when the group id has been changed again.

I played around with workflow and automation but can’t find a way to trigger this action when an entry is changed in the user profile.

Really looking forward to your answer. Thank you so much already.

Cheers, Alex

Could this help?

What do you mean by “user profile”?

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Unfortunately that’s only possible for created tables and slices. I’d like to use the user settings table in the “data” section if possible.

Thanks for your answer. I’d like to use the user settings table in the “data” section if possible.

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Unfortunately, workflows can only be applied to tables that are stored in a cloud-based data source, such as a spreadsheet or database. User settings are stored on the device itself, and not subject to a workflow response. The alternative is to implement your own alternative to user settings that uses cloud-based storage, but its not a trivial thing to do.

Thank you very much for the answer Steve. I tried to come up with a solution where the new user is automatically added to a database and a view where the user can only change that entry (similar to the profile, so like a pre-filled form).

I have searched for the two questions, but couldn’t find anything, can you please help out:

  • Is there a way to add a new user (USEREMAIL) automatically to a table?
  • Can I create a view where only that entry can be changed?

Thanks. Really looking forward to your answer,

Not without some sort of user interaction. To add the user, either an action must be performed (initiated by either a button press by the user or by some other data change) or a workflow must fire (prompted by a data change). There’s no trivial way to do this, but I did suggest an approach here:

Yep! This might offer some ideas: