Onboarding - 1. moving on to form after it 2. hiding for experienced users

I am displaying multiple slides of instructions in my. Onboarding form. I have two questions.

  1. on the last slide the NEXT button is grayed out. Is there a way to call another form when that last slide is read? As of now, I instruct them to click the opening form in the bar at the bottom.

  2. Is there a setting that will allow the user to not show the Onboarding view after the user is up to speed? Can I set it to not show after a certain number of openings by each user?

Another other tips for using the Onboarding view?


For this requirement, you may wish to consider following workaround. The workaround is based on number of days usage and not on “number of app openings”. Also this workaround will require a kind of user table wherein each user’s USEREMAIL() and her/his onboarding date to the app is stored.

Then in the settings UX --> Options -->General -> Starting View , you may have an expression something like below

IF((TODAY()-10)> ANY(SELECT(Users[User Since],[Email]=USEREMAIL())),“Other View”,“Onboarding”)

Here [User Since] is date type column and [Email] is users’ emails column in Users table.

“Onboarding” is the onboarding view and “Other View” is the other default view that the expression will switch to after 10 days of user’s onboarding date.


That is perfect. I had just added a USERS table so that was easy to do.