Onboarding Action


I have an onboarding view but can’t seem ito get it to do anything other than show a title, blurb and a done button.

I’d like to add a “New User” Button for them to hit the first time they open the app so that their USEREMAIL() is added to a “users” table automatically.



I don’t believe the onboarding view yet supports what you’re requesting.

But I’m curious, if you are allowing anyone to add themselves with a “New User” button, how do you control who CAN/CANNOT log into the app?

Hi John,

I have a sales app with outlets pre loaded on it. There are two approaches to users.

Set up 1.

The app is useful just as a read only app with a list of 71k outlets that can be searched, drill down etc based on outlet type, county etc.

I was intending to allow people to download it (at a cost per month) from google play as an app where they can see and search the data. If they want a browser version then they are directed to email or call and I would then send a link by email to the browser version.

The idea is that it is easy for them to just go to the google store and download it. They would then pay to see the same data readonly as everyone else (low maintenance for admistrator - me). Hopefully they like the data so much and after seeing the other functions of the app (that they can’t use yet as they have a read only version) that they go to set up 2 below.

Set up 2.

Users are given full access to the app and their own set of data that they can edit etc with order entry, reports, delivery sheets, barcode tracking, signature taking etc.

They are sent links by email to open in brower and charged independantly by us. We control access to the app based on their payments being recieved.

I was assuming that for the read only app that access to it woiuld be controlled by google play and the payment system. I was assuming that a payment per month would allow them access to it and that if the payment stopped then so would their access. I can do it manually, take payments ourselves and add them as users but thought doing it through google play whitelabelled might work.

I hope this makes sense.

Many thanks