Onboarding for new users

How can I create an onboarding view for new users based on Context(“device”)?
I don’t collect any email addresses

Please elaborate. Creating an onboarding view is as simple as creating a view of that type:

It’s not clear how CONTEXT("Device") or email addresses at all play into your need.

When a user uses the app for the first time, the onboarding view will show them the features of the app. After that, it should not appear. I hope that helps.

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@Steve I have set my onboarding view as the starting view but it appears like this:

Why is not appearing fully opened like this?

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You’ll need to find a way to record that the user was presented the onboarding view. The way I might approach it is to recognize the new user as a new user, present a “welcome” button that, when clicked, records their identity (or the device’s identity, in your case), then sends them to the onboarding view.

You might find this helpful:

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The onboarding view needs to be attached to a table or slice that contains the content. Each row of that table or slice will be a single page of the onboarding view.