Onboarding View - after last slide

I am displaying multiple slides of instructions in my. Onboarding form. I have a question.

  1. on the last slide the NEXT button is grayed out. Is there a way to call another form when that last slide is read? What is the user supposed to do?


On the last page on Onboarding, the button is supposed to switch to “Done”. There should also be a little X near the top of the Onboarding view. If you don’t see them then it sounds like you somehow still have the older version of the view. I would try switching the Onboarding view to something else, then changing it back, and then do a “Save and Verify”. See if that helps at all.

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Thank you for your response. I even created a new form and set it to Onboarding and still I don’t see the Done or the X. See my screen. The table this is based on is read only as it is only for display.

What else can I try?

I even created a new table and I still get the same as in the photo above.

@morgan, any thoughts?

Yeah, something is waaay off because Onboarding should take up the whole screen, hiding the bottom menu and the header. Like so:

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Dave got it correct in my bug post. I needed to make it be a REF or MENU, not a primary view which I was using for testing.

Thanks Dave and everyone. What a helpful community.