Onboarding view isn't showing on device but does in emulator

I use an expression to determine which view to show when opening the app.


But when testing the app, it is loading the Launcher view, which use to be in the expression. I switched it to the above yesterday but can’t get the app to use that. I’ve synced it multiple times. In the past, I’ve had to delete the app and re-install it to get some app changes to propagate to the App on the phone. That doesn’t seem correct.

I found something similar but don’t want to have to delete the app to make it work. My eventual users would have trouble with that. App update not working

Is there a way to force the app to load the most recent change, without the user having to delete it and reinstall?

I’m still in Prototype mode.

This sounds like a bug. Please contact support@appsheet.com directly for help.


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Very disappointed from the answer I got from support:

From engineering The “Starting view” option is meant to when the app is opened at the very first time. That’s why it works if you reinstall the app. We try to open the last opened view when the app is reopened.

So no I do not have a better way.

There needs to be a way to set this on a per app basis. Anyone know of a workaround?

@Steve You many want to update: https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/961683-choosing-the-launch-page

The way I read: You may also opt to have the About page displayed when the user opens the app the first time by setting Start with About to ON .

Makes it seem like About is only showed for the INITIAL use of the app but the “In the UX >> Options tab, choose which view the user sees when the app is opened using the Starting View dropdown menu.” will be shown each time the app is opened. That’s what I want to happen.


Putting all the pieces together, I am gathering that you wish to display a particular view to the user the first time they use the app each DAY.

Starting View WILL show the computed view each time they RELAUNCH the app. The biggest problem is that most users will leave the apps open and just let it sit in the background for weeks at a time. When they re-activate the app, it will simply return to where they left off. This is different than physically closing the app and re-launching it.

What would be ideal is to force a pop-up view, the first time they use the app each day to present them the desired daily info. Unfortunately, We don’t have that capability available.

The next best thing are Push Notifications which we do have. These are those short little messages that appear on the device lock screen or across the top of the screen as you are using the device (could be from any app). When you tap one for AppSheet, it will open an expanded view of the message and then you can tap an “Open” button to navigate to a specific view in the app. You can then string together several views if that is your wish. So you could show details in the message itself or navigate to a view.

The downside is that the user can choose to ignore or dismiss the message altogether. I suppose even if the view was a pop-up the user could simply tap through it and not pay attention to it. Kind of similar in that respect.

Do Push Notifications sound like an option?