Onboarding view removes line breaks

I have data I’ve entered with line breaks that looks great when I enter it and when I view it in form view, but when it is displayed in the aonboarding view, the line/paragraph breaks are gone. What do I need to do to have it displayed correctly? The field data type is LongText.


@morgan, any thoughts?

Examples. Form view.


Onboarding view.

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Thanks @Lucinda_Mason and @Steve. We’ve fixed this issue and it will be released the next time we deploy. Likely by the end of the day tomorrow. Thanks!


Thank you!

Our pleasure, @Lucinda_Mason. Our new Appsheet developer @Seth_Howard fixed this bug super quick! Thanks to Seth!


Thanks! Feel free to include me on similar issues in the future.


Looks great. Thank you for the quick fix.

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Hi, I am seeing the same issue now. Anything special I need to do to for a line break?

Please report the behavior to support@appsheet.com, @Christoph_Bucker.

Thanks @Steve

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