Once I change a Status, I need to change to a View

I have a View that displays the Available Assets to pick. Once I change the Status with an Action, I need to change to another View (Pending Assets).
How can I do this?
I’ve tried with Actions, but is not changing to the Pending Assets View.
I can’t find an option in the Workflow section too.

Need some advice, thanks

You should be able to create a Grouped Action - i.e an action of type "Grouped: execute a sequence of actions" and use that as the button to change Status.

In the Group, the first action would be the same as the one you are currently using to update the Status. The second Action would be of type "go to another view in this app" and you would set the target with proper view navigation function which depends on what type of view “Pending Assets” is defined as. You can find the available options listed inside of the Expression Assistant under the “Deep Links” tab.

I’ll assume by the name that your view shows a list of rows, so the target in that case would be simply:

LINKTOVIEW("Pending Assets")

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