Once you capture the location data, latlong, do you want to view that particular location on Google Street View? Tips is here

For Apps used in various field works, it is useful Appsheet feture to capture the location where the event happens, like the location when the data is captured, such as image taken.
We are able to expand this feature in a super easy way.

Once the Apps capture latlong in the field, then use this column as anchor to construct the URL jump to Google Street View.

Those are steps how to achieve this.

Powered by the acquisition by Google, this feature and tips potentially get more powerful with the deeper integration with Google service they provide now and in the future.

  1. Make sure your table have physical column to capture lat / long info using HERE() expression.
  2. Create new virtual column with name - Street View - for instance.
  3. Add the following expression into app formula.

HYPERLINK(“http://maps.google.com/maps?q=&layer=c&cbll=”&[LatLong Field]&"&cbp=12,0,0,0,0",

This will generate the hyperlink to Google Street view targetting the lat/long you capture within Appsheet app.

You can change ‘TEXT APPEARING ON THE VIEW’ to string whatever you want.

Google street view url do have several parameters to change the behaivior. Most importanly, I m using one of params for ANGLE.

For instance, you take a photo and capture the location lat long at the same time. Using this latlong to construct dynamic URL, but we need to direct URL which direction, i.e. “North, East, West, South” to set the default view of the Google Street View.

Within some of my app, I do have 4 different Hyper links to street view to set the angle with 0 deg, 90 deg, 180 deg and 270 deg.

Lets say your object for the image can be seen from your local street. Then you take photo of your object from the street. (Building etc) We do capture the lat long for that location upon taking photo. But still not sure which direction from that anchoring lotlong location the image can be seen.
As far as we have 4 different angle like that, technically one of or possibly two of the URL / street view will be displaying the target object of your image.

I m asking my user to find the URL for the street view where the object is exactly appearing from the browser. Copy this url and paste to other column to retain that URL within the app.

Now we do have pretty much precise URL for Google street view for display your target objects.

This will give user additional interact to see the object as google street view in addtion to static image shot which was taken by user.

Future potential use?

Once the google update the street view, we are able to access to most latest view of the object by jumping into street view with clicking URL link within app sheet app.

If you have bunch of property and object you need to inspect, let’s assume Google refresh the street view every year (hopefully), but we dont need to go to the site physically, but view the property and object out of Google Street View.

Migh be we are able to priotalize the property and object to arrange re-inspection based on the latest street view, which will make the process of inspection and field works more effective, I think.

Anyway try it out, if you have app for inspection like me.



In the meantime, i forgot to mention. Please set the virtual column data type to URL.


Looks like a great tip. In my app, however, I’m not using maps or directions so I can’t use it at the moment. :slight_smile:

Just reserve as options for now, for your future expanded usage of Appsheet in the future, haha.

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@tsuji_koichi i wanna ask, i have try it but my Streets View screen is black, do make some mistake ?

This is my Latlong column,

And this my streest view column

Thanks for your help sir…

Probably you wrongly copied the sample URL from my previous post.

Please try this one instead.

‘Cek Lokasi’

Nicely done Master :smiley:

but some location just black screen, is that street view only to view if the location is near the street on google map ?

My understanding is when the latlong value (you selected) does not sit on the street somewhere, then it naturally will not have “street view” as it is not on the street … eventually URL will not render any view.

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@tsuji_koichi is there a reason why you are using http:// instead of https:// ?

no particular reason actually to be with “http”
It should be ”https", even though “http” should work on the appsheet expression.

You can also open the street view directly in the App to see a customer’s place :slight_smile:


@tsuji_koichi i have try install on my device, but when choose the street view, its only show the google map not the street view …

but when i try to open it on laptop it show the street view…

do u have solution ?

Im sorry, but not sure why it could happen.

Can u share ur config or sample app ? I have try allday bur not fixed :frowning_face:

The expression to construct URL as above is basically everything for this tips.

Is open externaly and hyperlink take effect ??

If it works on laptop but does not work on mobile phone, then i suspect the problem is possibly coming from mobile setting, but i m not entirely sure.