One action triggering another action at the same time

Hi, is there a way to have two actions triggered at the same time?

I have one action to start an email and another to set the value in a column to TRUE.

Context: I want to send a customised email using External: start an email action and then set the value of the column Sent to TRUE, all in one tap.

Thank you.

You can do that by using 3 actions.

1 action is set the values of some column in this row.

2nd action is external send an email.

3rd action is grouped run action 1 and action 2.

It is this 3rd action that you will use as the trigger action for the other 2.

However…I would be careful here as there is nothing stopping your user from cancelling their email before it is sent. Your data would be wrong then as the TRUE value for sent email would still be in your table.

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Thank you, kind sir, for showing me how to do it.

Yes, users not sending the email could be a problem too. I was thinking if the sendEmail action can be the trigger to set the Sent column value to TRUE.

Rather than using the External: start an email action–which has the problems mentioned by @Scott_Robinson–consider instead using Automation to generate and send the email, which could then accurately set the Sent column value.

See also:

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Thank you. I’ll look into that. Haven’t played around with automation yet.

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