One Field in Google Sheet is being encrypted

I have one Field in my App that is storing the information in an encrypted format and I cannot figure out why? I do not have that Field marked as sensitive. Any suggestions on where to check?

Please post a screenshot of the app screen showing an encrypted value.

The first pic is what shows in my Google sheet and the second on my screen. I select this in a lookup. It populate properly and shows up properly on the screen, however it’s stored on Google as the Unique Key that correlates to that category. I hope I am explaining this correctly.
3033136E-D805-464E-AB00-350FFFDDFE8C_4_5005_c and 7B08F836-BA31-4D5D-93A0-C39FE8B15F7A_4_5005_c

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What you’re seeing is proper behavior–it’s how Ref columns work.

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