One month from [specific date] , 2 month from [specific date]

I’m new to this guys. I’m trying to set a month from an specific date, 2 month, 3 month, etc. for instance, if i select sep 6, 2021, i want to show in another column oct 6, 2021, in the following column nov 6, 2021.

I’ve tried using EWOMONTH([date], 0) + DAY([date])
It works the first time, but when i try taking the last column and try writing this same code. It gives me the next month but 2 days before.

Attached is a picture

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 4.11.26 PM

What exactly does this mean, what is the expression used for the last column shown?

Why don’t you just adjust the 2nd argument of EOMONTH()?

EOMONTH( [date] , 1 ) + DAY( [date] )
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I tried. It doesn’t work either.

date1 = sep 7, 21

date2 = EWOMONTH([date1], 0) + DAY([date1]) = oct 7, 21

now when i try this

date3 = EWOMONTH([date2], 0) + DAY([date2]) = Nov 5, 21

I would like:
date3 to be Nov 7, 21.
date4 to be dec 7, 21.

get it?
Can you help?

I thought “EWOMONTH” (with a “W”) was just a typo when you first wrote it, and you meant “EOMONTH”. This is actually the first time I’ve ever even heard of the EWOMONTH expression! Are you sure that’s the expression you’re wanting to use, instead of simply EOMONTH?

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Still get the same results.

Works fine for me:


Same results with either expression for date3:



for some reason now it’s working fine for me as well. weird. Thanks men for your time!