One of my Apps is glitching out from 2 days. ...

(Tejaswini Yarramaneni) #1

One of my Apps is glitching out from 2 days. I would check a family in by searching the name in search bar, go back to search the second family and as soon as I would start to type in the name from second family the name is reset to the previous name I searched . Is there a workaround for this ?

Thanks, Tejaswini

(Tony Fader) #2

@Tejaswini_Yarramanen Can you give your account number, app name and the precise steps to recreate the issue?

(Tejaswini Yarramaneni) #3

@tony Account Number is 247466. App Name - HOU Roster 17 . It’s a co-authored app .

Steps to recreate the issue : 1. In menu view click the distro dates and edit . Set a week’s date to today . week 9 - 16 anyone of this will be fine. sync 2. In the main view click school select the school available . There will be list of names . Click on search to select names 3. select a name and click week button on top right corner to check in . 4. come back and search for new name . Its then this name resets to the previous name .

This isn’t happening to me right now but many of the app users have experienced it . .

(Tony Fader) #4

@Tejaswini_Yarramanen Weird, I can’t reproduce it, either (though I didn’t follow your steps exactly, as to not change any data in your app). Is this happening on a mobile device, or in a browser?

Adding @Adam_Stone_AppSheet so he can see this issue.

(Tejaswini Yarramaneni) #5

@tony It’s Happening in the browser.

(Tejaswini Yarramaneni) #6

@tony We are having the same glitch for the other app too . The app is similar to this app - Its used by users in other cities. Same steps can be used to reproduce the glitch . Appname : DANYDC Roster 17 , Account Number is 247466.