One of my forms on app is slow to open

when i try to open a form it takes a long time the rest of the app is running ok just one form is slow to open. i am sure it is straight forward and probably a formular or data error but i cant find it.

how do i work out where the problem is?

When a for view is opened, all expressions associated with all of the columns of the row in the form have to be evaluated. I suspect one or more of those expressions are complex and/or process a huge amount of data. Look at the expressions for each of the properties of each of the columns:

  • Show? (if an expression)
  • Valid If
  • Invalid value error
  • Require? (if an expression)
  • App formula
  • Initial value
  • Suggested values
  • Editable? (if an expression)
  • Reset on edit? (if an expression)
  • Display name
  • Description

Thanks steve i have plenty of these formulas. It is just trying to identify which one is causing the problem. I ended up deleting the entire table and have re written it. But is there a better way to do it? I really need to improve the over all data base structure. Think i found the issue.

maxrow (calving Book,date time stamp, and([full animal number] = [_THISROW].[full animal number],[Date time stamp]<[_thisrow].[Date time stamp]))

This was the offending formula.

I had this as an initial value. It seems to be working better as a virtual column. But has now slowed the sync down.

I want to be able to look up information in this row to use in the current row.

Is there a better way to do this?



Try this instead of MAXROW():

      "calving Book",
        ([full animal number] = [_THISROW].[full animal number]),
        ([Date time stamp] < [_thisrow].[Date time stamp])
    [date time stamp],
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