One sheet with product column and i want to send it on whats app when i press button what there in that column send immediately

one sheet with product column and i want to send it on whats app when i press button what there in that column send immediately

Add a helper column to your sheet and name it like TIMESTAMP. Add an action button to this table with Data: change the value of a column and set the value as NOW. Construct a Webhook Workflow Rule with UPDATES_ONLY for this table and set the condition as:


For the Endpoint URL of this workflow, use below endpoint:


Your [PHONE_NUMBER] field should only contain the country code and the phone number. Using + sign or spaces are not allowed. Provided you have; you can enclose the [PHONE_NUMBER] with a SUBSTITUTE expression:

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<<CONCATENATE(“",[918888017270],"&text=”,ENCODEURL([product]))>> this expression should paste in url column right? but it shows error

after creating PHONE_NUMBER column it not work, but i check with send email action button works

if you have a static phone number than you can hard-code it. I thought that you will read the phone numbers from your table. Consider this one instead:


sir , this webhook is not working are you tested on any app with whats app webhook? ,now no error in my app and i made all changes what you explained but i tested with individual workflow no action is performed … plz help …

sir , forgot webhook i made simple action button and “Do this” selected “External: go to website” and in "target url " i added the link expression "CONCATENATE(“”,ENCODEURL([product])) " when i press button it automatically open whats app and respective product column so i need to appear whole product coloumn and with unit coloumn like receipt how expression should be?

I thought that you have a WhatsApp API business subscription, therefore proposed webhook method. Provided you will use the public REST API service, action button will do the trick as you have already discovered out. So where’s the problem? I haven’t understood what’s your problem is actually.

In my sheet two columns named “product” and “unit” i made expression "CONCATENATE(“”,ENCODEURL([product])) " when i press button it only show respective product name ex.Milk so I want text format like attached picture

so what changes should be in expression?

i want to send one full tab of sheet

You can’t create a content like that, sorry

how to send email for same as whats app with attachment

You need to set a WhatsApp business subscription first. And then you can send attachments via setting a webhook workflow to their REST API endpoint.

i used twilio webhook and problem is solved, now i can send real time pdf attachment and when button is press

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Hi Levent,


I should put this function under in which area? Thank you :slight_smile:

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“Since the app is not deployed, workflow rules will deliver email only to the app owner”

Does it work for you SEND MESSAGES via WHATSAPP? Or you need to do the deploy the app too?