One Signature for many Reports When we are w...

(Fabian Weller) #1

One Signature for many Reports

When we are working for a customer we sometimes have to write many reports for the same day, because we worked on different things. The customer has to sign each report. I would like to have the ability to choose many reports and to say “Sign all of them”. That would mean: I capture one Signature and after that, AppSheet has to place it in each report.

Does someone has an idea?

(Simon Robinson) #2

You could use an ENUM List to create a list of reports then tick them.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Or… you could save your signature once to an app users table and then use it where needed.

(Fabian Weller) #4

@Simon_Robinson Thank you for that hint. I started with that. But I don’t know how. For example: My customer has to sign 3 reports. That’s 3 rows in my table. How can I capture a signature once, and then put it in the [signature] column of every of these 3 rows?

@Aleksi_Alkio Your are right. But that’s only working for the employees, but not for the customers.

(GreenFluxLLC) #5

You could use a User Settings column to hold the signature, then create a ‘Set the value of a column’

action to set Report[Signature] = USERSETTINGS(“Signature”).

Then, in a Reports table view, click the check-box to select multiple Reports and apply the signature (run the action on the selected rows).