Ongoing Image Upload Issues

Just having trouble getting responses from AppSheet support lately so I’m throwing this out here to see if anyone may have insight or suggestions THANK YOU!

Hello Support Team,

We have spent several months developing a two-part app that we are preparing to roll out to about 1000 users in a few weeks, with a plan to white label by July.

The only persistent holdup during our testing is photo file uploads. I’ve attached a screenshot

We have attempted several variations of column type, views, and even asking users to change the setting in their iPhone to “most compatible”

The issue today (screenshot) is a brand new user whom I personally sat with, and witnessed both the install process and changing the camera settings. We were still unable to successfully upload a photo.

This functionality seems so simple, yet is becoming very frustrating. Can you provide any insight or suggestions to correct these ongoing issues?

Thank you in advance for your help and attention

Thanks for reporting. Is the issue always repro for you? Does it happen for the same image/device or randomly?
Could we get more info on the users device (and possibly access to the image if it is always repro. You can open a support ticket to send that)


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