Ongoing issue loading files from Google Drive

Hi all,
As noted in a few posts, there is an ongoing issue in AppSheet with at least three known symptoms:

  1. (commonly used) Some images and files stored on Google Drive do not display in the apps. Apps show a “missing image” exclamation mark instead of the actual image.
  2. (rarely used) If the table data is stored in an Excel file saved on Google Drive, it intermittently fails to sync
  3. (rarely used) If a workflow template uses a Word document saved on Google Drive, it intermittently fails to work

We apologize for the disruption in functionality.

All three of these symptoms are related to an ongoing issue with Google Drive APIs. These APIs are used by AppSheet to (a) read images and files for display, (b) read in Excel files that are stored in Google Drive, © read in Word document template files that are stored in Google Drive. A fraction of these API calls are now failing intermittently.

There is nothing much we can do in the AppSheet service to fix this right now. The Google Drive team is actively investigating this issue and it affects customers beyond AppSheet. We will share periodic updates as we learn more from the Google Drive team until the issue is resolved.


We’re told the issue is mostly resolved and the error rates are down significantly. If you had been observing problems earlier, could you pleae confirm? If you are using the app in a browser, you may need to clear the cache and reload to ensure the images are refetched


One of my clients reported to me similar problems to the one described in the OP related mainly to image syncing and fetching.

Thanks in advance!

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I had this problem! Last night ! I thought I was going crazy! Some images were in 404 error. I looked at the different refs and saw that everything was ok. I went on a renaming, reupload series, without understanding the logic behind it all. I began to imagine having to ban the images from my management application, I even almost cried when I saw the hours of lost work, the illusion I had by choosing Appsheet, the shame tomorrow because I could not present my application at work (on which I work an average of 10 hours a day, sometimes more, in addition to my main job: repairing Dell computers). I clicked on an option, it went back to normal, but I just put it back, and it hasn’t changed; it seems to come from google, and i figured it out by myself by analyzing the bug in more detail. I wasted a lot of time, and my nerves … I hope it’s exeptional, this does not encourage me to buy a license soon as I envisioned.

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Greetings, Im checking right now and the problem persists. I’ve cleared the browser cache and it’s still the same. Please help.


Please contact for help with this.

Hi @praveen ,

Not sure if this is related issue. One of Email workflows is failing with the following error

The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.

May we know if this character limit is recently introduced.As per my understanding, this limitation was not there earlier.

Will request your insights so that accordingly file path, file name logic can be changed to accommodate those limits.

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Greetings. I’m checking again right now and the problem seems to be solved. Thank you!

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Hi Michael, all reports are that the service is back to normal now.

I’m sorry you had to go through this kind of stress before your presentation. Like every cloud service, Google Drive has its occasional issues but it has the benefit of a professional staff rapidly reacting and restoring service (as happened this time). In general and over a period of time, it is stable and reliable. FWIW, the same is true for the alternative cloud systems that AppSheet also supports.

If I am being honest, AppSheet itself has not historically maintained the same level of stability, because of our roots as a smaller startup company and our rapid pace of product change. It is one of the things we are currently changing as we gradually evolve to a Google-scale service. We’re increasing investments in stability and scale and reliability, while trying to maintain agility at the same time.


This has been happening to me today. I was suddenly missing logos for two of my apps. I got those fixed. Then a bunch of image files in another app would go missing. Each time I refresh it’s different images that won’t load, and ones that didn’t load on the first refresh load now and it keeps changing. I cleared browser cache too.

Please contact for help with this.

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Sorry to say this but, in my experience I found Appsheet to be the biggest, most frustrating, buggy, glitchy waste of time ever; it does have some cool features, but at the end of the day not worth it.

Hi @NinaDCS we’re not seeing any more reports of this. So just checking to see if you’re still seeing this problem.

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I’m having an issue when syncing my apps. They show the error: “Data table is not accessible due to: The service is currently unavailable”. My tables are stored in Google Sheets. This is happening in multiple devices.

It seems the problem lasted for about 15 minutes and it’s now resolved. I’m not seeing any problem anymore.

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My apps seem to be working fine today!

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Hi everyone,

Just checking if the Drive link to App issue is still ongoing for others?

Images in my GDrive are not showing in my app.

Any thoughts or recommendations?


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Please contact for help with this.

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