Only add data with ref table

hy guys,
i want to ask for my problem
i build data like this (in table project)
and this my view

I want to make when the user adds data (in another table / table “qrcode”) then the data added is no more than the data written in the project table

max only like in project

i use this formula, but its not work

if ( 
ANY(SELECT(project[unit], (ISNOTBLANK("project[idproject]"))))
COUNT( SELECT( QR CODE[keterangan], ([idproject] = [idproject]))),

can you help me?

Meaning you want to prevent duplicate data? Or you want each user to be able to add only one row ever?

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i want to when user add data in table qrcode
data to add following ref table from unit in project

when count data in qr code is full data can’t add