Only display Action when linked Ref has a specific column value

I created an action that reverse links a column back to a view that references it. I would like this action to only display when the referenced row has a Status Value of “Open”

The action itself is for a record of the table, “WYSIWYG Items”. The table that contains the status value is “Notifications Sheet”

I’m sure I did not create this action in the best way, but the expression I used is:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Item Report_Detail”, [Series]=[_THISROW] )

I’m sure I’m missing necessary info to solve this but any help would be great.

Set he action’s Only if this condition is true expression to (“Open” = [Status]).

I tired this but then it applys the Only If condition to the Status in column for the “WYSIWYG Items” table which is the table where the action appears. I want it to reference the Status column for the Notifications Sheet table, which is the the table that is linked to in the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW expression.

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Meaning I want the action to only appear on the “WYSIWYG Items” table when the value of the column “Status” is Open in the table connected by the LINKTOFILTERVIEW expression.

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