Only email the most recent entry

I have a simple data entry log to track donations to our shelter, it has a workflow that sends an email with a donation receipt that is auto populated in a PDF with their information. Their Email is part of the form, but I can’t figure out how to only select the most recent row entry in the email column to send the receipt to. Is it something I would put in the equation in the workflow? or would I have to isolate that email in another table temporarily?

  • right now it emails EVERY email in the column :sweat_smile:

Is this an ADDS_ONLY/ADDS_AND_UPDATES_ONLY workflow or a scheduled report?


Adds only.

I’ll try that here in a minute, last night I had tried something with “MAX” and it kept telling me it was returning a number value not an email value or that the “MAX” function was being used incorrectly. But I will give it another try.

AHHHH IT WORKED lol thank you so much <3

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