Only one slice is working

Hi All!

I am making a pretty simple application. I have different slices based on the month of a project.

My table is built as follows:

Project ID |. Project title | Month |
unique ID x January
unique ID y February
unique ID z March

The first slice which is “Jan” has a row filter condition of : ([Month]=“January”)
It works perfectly, only selecting those projects where the month is January.

However, in my remaining slices the same formula of for example, ([Month]=“February”) yields a list of unfiltered data. The expression assistant test shows the appropriate results i.e. Yes/No for the appropriate list of projects when inputting that expression. I have tried one of the solutions for slice woes in the community where the formula suggested is IN(“February”, LIST([Month])) to no avail. I’m pretty stumped on this one! I’d appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Other information that might be useful:
-My source has multiple tabs and has other tables where the column header “Month” is used
-The slice source table is set to the desired table
-The view in my application references the desired slices

Please post a screenshot showing the unfiltered data.

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A bit late with the reply, but was able to solve the problem. If any one else happens to read this and wonder the same as I did:
Check your source Table. My app had two tables with the same name confusing it a fair bit. Simple fix but stumped me for a while!