Only one view showing on dashboard

First app, I must be missing something basic.

In development the dashboard icon is shown along with others - selecting dashboard and going full screen (browser) - I just get the first view - not additional views.

Can you show us your dashboard view definition. It should be similar to this:

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Are you sure the other views have data in them? You can test this by making them available in the Menu and then accessing them directly. Though I think you should see empty views anyway.

When in the full-screen browser view, do the views appear if you tap the layout icon in the upper-right corner? It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 1.51.54 PM

Hi John, and thank you for your help.

Yes regarding the views - it is a simple system with one parent->Clients and two child tables, all works fine.

No icon in the upper right corner. The menu has an icon like that; it is clickable in the dashboard view and produces an ‘app gallery’.

Hmmm, just to be certain, I’m including a full screen image showing where I am referring to.

Also, be aware that when you make Dashboard VIEW changes, those changes will NOT be refreshed using Sync. You will need to refresh the web page itself to make those updates visible. So, if you haven’t closed the page for some time, try refreshing the entire browser page using the normal web page refresh button.

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Nope, no icon upper right.
You can see it does display the Client view - but only a single panel and no other options.

That tells me that AppSheet is not detecting your view as a Dashboard.

Did you try refreshing the web page, closing it and relaunching and are all of your changes Saved?


Ok, switched to Firefox - worked correctly, back to chrome refreshed again OK now.

You were right on! Thanks John


I believe/suspect that the pop-out browser view can only use the saved version of your app; I don’t think it will run the unsaved version like the emulator will.


Been fighting this for a couple of days - would swear I have been saving ( at least some :blush:) of the time.

But good to know - thanks.

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@Steve is correct - browser web app only runs saved version. But, once you save those changes, you must refresh to see them in the browser. For data changes and some view settings, clicking on Sync button will refresh those.

However, for many View level changes you will need to refresh the browser page itself to see them - just like you would for web page changes.

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