Only send 1 Email on Bulk Upload

Hi, I have a bulk upload feature where daily about 100-200 records are bulk uploaded, in each record there is a [Branch] column, and in the bulk there are multiple branches, How do I send one email to the person in charge of the branch saying “today your branch has records to update, check the app”, way I have it set up now for each record added in the bulk a email is triggers which is a huge problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

Ps. Even a No if it can’t be done is helpful as I can inform the parties concerned this issue can’t be solved via a mail notification

Maybe check these out.


These all seem to be related to email templates, I did check from top to bottom but didn’t find any about my specific problem, but my issue is with the trigger, the template will only say “Please check the app” or something along those lines,

Thank you for the reply though :smiley:


How is the “bulk upload” happening?

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Via an action “Upload CSV for this view”