Only Show Image if it Exists

Hi. I have a csv which has columns for 100 images, ie, Image1, Image2 etc through to 100. If I have only added 25 images then I only want to see the 25 images and hide the remaining columns unless I add more. Is this possible?

Have you checked out isnotblank()?

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Hey Matt, I’m sure this is in the Community somewhere, but how do we display a standard “Add Image” icon only when no image has yet been added? If a new member has not uploaded their profile image, I want something to show up, rather than have a blank slot. Thank you very much!

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Hey @Stephen_Mattison, the way I’ve tackled this is to create an additional field: Display_Image.

The idea here is that you have one field for users to upload an image to, but you have another image field that’s the actual one that’s shown in the views, marked as the label (if applicable); it should have a formula of something like this:

if(isnotblank([Image_Upload]), [Image_Upload], OTHER_IMAGE_HERE)

For the other image there are a couple of options:

  1. You could upload an image somewhere in your app and call that image (using a LOOKUP() or something)

if(isnotblank([Image_Upload]), [Image_Upload], LOOKUP(“PlaceHolder”, Images, ImageID, Image))

  1. You could use a URL of an image

if(isnotblank([Image_Upload]), [Image_Upload], “”)

  1. You can create a Text_Icon() from something in the record (I like this last one myself: typically doing TEXT_ICON(INITIALS([User_Name])) or something like that)

if(isnotblank([Image_Upload]), [Image_Upload], TEXT_ICON(INITIALS([User_Name])))

Finally I only show the upload in the form, everywhere else I show the Display_Image.

Hope it helps!


Thanks bro, you’re the best! Just looking at this now, will digest and Reply again here with my results. I found another Post in this Community that I had a Comment on that ended up using a Virtual Column, but I have not gotten that figured out.

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You could do that here as well, I just prefer to move any columns that hold data that doesn’t need to update live into an actual physical column; but you could just as easily create a virtual column here with any of these methods for the other image. :slight_smile:


This worked:
Always added to the next image, so as each image is added the image upload for the next image is not shown.



This is Fantastic. Thank you!

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