Only Show Selected Rows if Another Row have a especified value

I dont know this question been solucionated before, but I dont know how to search this issue.
OK let’s do it
Is it possible to show only some specific rows, if a previous row has a certain value?
Example, if my client is married (Enum), I want to have rows(Text) for husband / wife’s name, phone, email, birthday. But if be single, don’t show these rows?
And more
Can I have a different design to outline these rows?

What you want is possible, but not trivial. You’ll need to use a slice to choose the rows to display, and a view that uses the slice to display the chosen rows.

See also:

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I tried, but Slice is very difficult for me yet =)
At least I put a color in the format rules. Will have to be this for now

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