Ooops! Something Went Wrong

Can you help me ? I have some problems
Why GPS Maps does not appear in the appsheet. I got a notification.
“This page didn’t load google maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for the tecnical details”
Waht should i do to correct this error


I assume that you are using an address field for this map. Have you tested what happens if you type that address directly with the Google Maps? Does it find that address?

Aleksi, I have having a similar issue with javascript and google maps. I am using lat long coordinates to indicate location. When the screen first appears it shows the map and a pin, but quickly disappears after 10 seconds. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Dylan.

Do you mean that it disappears after saving?


I am receiving exactly the same error. Across the board, and all apps. Even when I attempt to use one of your sample apps (on my mobile and on desktop) maps no longer show and this presents itself.
It has rendered a number of my apps almost useless… Could anyone move this query forward?

Please contact directly for help with this.

Usually this is due to adding a custom Google Maps API key to your account (as discussed here), but without enabling all of the necessary APIs. To verify,

  1. Log into our website and go to My Account
  2. Go to Integrations tab
  3. Go to App Services sub-tab
  4. Look for an entry there for Google Maps

If you find one there, to fix the problem you can either

  1. Remove the custom Maps integration (if you don’t think you need it - this is mainly meant for apps that require geocoding a large number of addresses)
  2. Go into your Google Maps dashboard and make sure the Geocoding, Static Maps, and Javascript Maps APIs are enabled and are not exceeding their quotas.

If you’re getting this map error but don’t have a custom Google Maps configuration in the App Services section of your account settings, or have verified that the correct APIs are enabled with sufficient quota, please contact so we can investigate further.