Open detail view in pop-up

When in a Inline View, have the option to, when click the row, open it in a pop-up, instead of changing the view entirely. It would be specially useful for read-only tables and for Inline views on Dashboards.

UX > Views > Some_Table_Inline > Row Selected > Open in pop-up

What would the benefit be for this in comparison to an interactive dashboard view that includes the same Detail view?

If the Detail view have Related Records or multiple Inline views, for exemple.

Or in a mobile device with Dashboard, I wouldn’t need to select the row then roll down the screen (or change tabs) to see the detail view.

I could also create a tooltip-like button (which is also another feature request).

For a few data tables (2 or 3), interactive dashboard works just fine. For more than that, I feel further features (like this one, Detail View tabs and many others) are needed to avoid a polluted screen or unnecessary clicks.